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Product Description Packing Mall Alumina Grinding Ball, is higher than the common alumina balls. When it is working, the ball won鈥檛 pollute the grinding materials,...

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Our History Wenzhou Mitang Packing Co., Ltd had engaged in the packaging industry in 2004 and has 16 years of bag making experience. They always...

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Features 鈼?EPDM rubber compound technology with special formula, has higher heat resistance and aging resistance than traditional CR ribbed belt. It can be used in...

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About HYYC Grass HYYC Grass is a leading solution provider specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service for sports and landscaping artificial turf and...

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Quality/Inspection: “Quality Assurance Enterprise Development” 1.Sample can be supplied before order for quality study 2.At production processing and before shipping, the inspection are strictly processed....

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Do you have any CB radio or Ham Radio equipment that you want to get rid of? If so then please give me a call.

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